Not 'till I miss you

Renee Daalder / Opatoshu / Boudewijn de Groot

Lately we know our feelings have cooled.
There really ain't nobody being fooled.
Scared we know each other from A to Z.
Not sure who is who, who is you, who is me.

So baby there's only one thing I can say:
it's clear that it's time you are off on your your way.
There's so much out there you can feel, you can touch.
Just ain't one man who can give you that much.

So I'll open the door and you'll go your way.
I'll set you free, set you free.
I don't want you around
till I miss you and you miss me.

You'll be living and laughing and growing some too.
And joy and sensations, that all seems so new.
Going through moments like our first night.
Then don't get uptight 'cos I'm doing alright.

But alright isn't something that lasts very long.
Our need for each other will be getting too strong.
Then the people we have met and the things we'll have learned,
will make our love better when you have returned.

So I'll open the door...

But there's a risk in this setup and that's the clear fact
that once you have gone you won't choose to come back.
But after all we've been through and the way we stand now,
we'll both have to gamble and hope anyhow.

So I'll open the door...

Verzamel album 1996 : Wonderkind aan het strand (4 cd)